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About us

The Tekeyan Armenian Cultural Association is a worldwide organization committed to the educational advancement of Armenian literacy, history, music, and culture.

General Information

The Tekeyan Armenian Cultural Association (TCA) was established in 1947 in Beirut, Lebanon, named after the poet Vahan Tekeyan. It aims to preserve the Armenian Culture and Heritage in the Diaspora, and to promote cultural, spiritual and educational ties with the homeland, irrespective of political and ideological barriers.

Montreal Chapter

The Montreal chapter was established in 1965 to foster the cultural needs of the ever growing Armenian community of Montreal in theater, fine arts, literature, traditional dance, youth summer camp, and social activities. The Montreal chapter operates from its own headquarters, the Tekeyan Center, located in the city of Saint-Laurent.

The Vazken Keshisian Library

The library is home to a vast collection of Armenian books on history, literature and arts at the disposal of any interested reader.

The Abaka Armenian weekly

Abaka weekly is the first Armenian newspaper in Canada, with English and French supplements, published since 1975. Covers news and commentaries from Armenia, Artsakh (Mountainous Karabagh) and Diaspora communities in general, and Montreal as well as Canadian Armenian communities in particular.