Book Night -2017″ project is implemented within “Erebuni-Yerevan: 2799” celebration

With the support of the RA Ministry of Culture, Yerevan Municipality, “Bukinist” company, the “Book Night – 2017” will be held on October 14 at 18: 00-24: 00 in “Bookinist” bookstore / Mashtoc 20 / and the nearest Misak Manushyan park.
The “Book Night – 2017” program will continue after midnight online, in competition and game format.
At the press conference at the Misak Manushyan Park, director of the “Bookinist” company Khachik Vardanyan said: “Here, in the park named after Misak Manoushian, we have initiated 19 events, including meetings with writers, puppet shows, books, photo shows, tea parties, entertainment shows and various surprises. 30% discount will be available for the whole collection of “Bookinist” bookstore throughout the festival. From midnight till early morning our online bookstore will have a 30% off on all books. We are certain that the event will be a great success, because the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Yerevan have provided us with great support. ”
“This project, jointly implemented with the Ministry of Culture, will become a tradition and will be included in the” Erebuni-Yerevan “annual event as a festival,” said Ruben Hovhannisyan.
“This and last year’s  “Book Night” and have proven that people haven’t abandoned books. Moreover, these events have proved that books are a direct, short and straightforward way with which we will lead our children to the desired vision of our homeland, “said Minister of Culture Armen Amiryan. In his speech, the minister also expressed hope that the event will not be formal, but will have a serious impact on readers’ growth, the creation of a bookmarking network, dissemination of literature, and publicity. The minister also reminded that these days the International Book Fair is being held in Frankfurt, which Armenia participates in a rather luxurious and presentable pavilion.
“Book Fest” will be held in Yerevan on the first Friday of November, Saturday and Sunday. During then, the competition of state-sponsored books will be announced.
The authors of the works will be selected during a  competition, which will be published with state support and sponsorship. So, this list of events, starting from “Book Night,” can have quite a serious impact on the creation, dissemination and popularization of books, “said the Minister.

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