Learn more about Tekeyan's Community Activities

Annual Bazaar

We invite you all to join us for a fun and festive day at our Annual Bazaar. Our community comes together to offer our visitors a unique experience to meet artists selling handcrafted goods and enjoy traditional Armenian cuisine. Great for all ages. See you there!

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Friday Dinners

Friday Dinners are a Tekeyan trademark for over 35 years. Every Friday specially prepared meals are served and menus such as Mante, Summer BBQs, Buffets, Lobster …etc. are presented to the diners. It is an opportunity to come to Tekeyan on Friday nights and have a bite and enjoy a social gathering of friends and acquaintances.

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Hay Pem Armenian Theatre Troupe

The Hay Pem troupe of the Armenian Cultural Association Tékéyan was founded in 1976. During the past 40 years, it has presented nearly thirty plays. Over time, several of the managers and directors have taken over the programming of this troupe.

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Sevan Summer Camp

Camp Sevan is a wonderful opportunity to keep your child active throughout the summer, with great activities, qualified supervision and friendships that last a lifetime. Contact us at TEKEYAN to learn more about Sevan Summer Camp! (514) 747-6680.

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Sponsor a teacher in Armenia

In year 2000, the Board of Directors of TCA US and Canada launched the “Sponsor a teacher in Armenia and Karabagh” project to supplement the meager salaries of 400 teachers and 75 support staff who teach and care for 2972 students currently attending five TCA sponsored schools in Yerevan, Gumri, Garpi, Stepanavan and Perdzor (Karabagh).

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Vision Créative Tekeyan

Vision Créative Tekeyan was founded in 2012 is specialized in producing variety shows having cultural themes as a background. Every event is presented with a unique and original staging, it pays homage to an artist and highlights little-known facts of his/her art.

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