Sponsor a teacher in Armenia

Dear Friends,

Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA), was established in 1947 in Beirut, Lebanon, named after the poet Vahan Tekeyan to preserve the Armenian Culture and Heritage in the Diaspora, and to promote cultural, spiritual and educational ties with the homeland, irrespective of political and ideological barriers.

In year 2000, the Board of Directors of TCA US and Canada launched the “Sponsor a teacher in Armenia and Karabagh” project to supplement the meager salaries of 400 teachers and 75 support staff who teach and care for 2972 students currently attending five TCA sponsored schools in Yerevan, Gumri, Garpi, Stepanavan and Perdzor (Karabagh).

Over 900,000 dollars were raised in USA and Canada since the inception of the project and distributed entirely personally by members of TCA Board of Administrators to our teachers and staff in Armenia. In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of this most worthwhile project and to secure its continuity, the TCA Board of Administrators has launched an Endowment Fund for teachers of Armenia and Karabagh.

Armenians have appreciated education and knowledge throught our history. World-renowned intellectuals have referred to our homeland as “the Cradle of Civilization”. Together, let us continue to help the teachers who educate generations and prepare the leaders of tomorrow!

On behalf of all our teachers a very big thank you to all who help this worthwhile project!