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tekeyan podcast list for september 2020

26  Dr MEGERDITCH TARAKDJIAN  5 September 2020  A tour in the world of Artist/Sculptor Dr Megerditch Tarakdjian Dr Megerditch Tarakdjian, other than being a specialist in the medical field, excels in arts and sculpting. His attraction to arts and self-instruction led him to the art of sculpting. His surrealist style as well as his sculptors

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tekeyan podcast list for august 2020

21.  Armen Manvelyan   11 Aug 2020  GAS and OIL issues of landlocked Armenia with Armen Manvelyan Armen Manvelian, a Ramgavar as well as Tekeyan leader from Armenia talks about Armenia’s energetic issues. Manvelian is a senior associate in Armenia’s national science institute, Candidate in history and international relations as well as faculty professor. He is

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tekeyan podcast list for july 2020

14. Hagop Amirian : July 7/2020 Armenian industrialist from Montreal who successfully established a manufacturing business in Armenia since 1996. Made in Armenia men’s underware and pajamas are distribyuted all over Canada and most parts of the USA Hagop Amirian is a specialist in clothing manufacturing. Explains how and when he started producing in Armenia.

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